to make a lot of noise

BALA are Anx (guitar and voice) and V (drums and voice), two friends who got together in 2013 with the sole purpose of having fun, playing at a very high volume and screaming together. Their style moves between intense rock and grunge, but they are also getting closer to stoner, hardcore or metal.

They have published four albums so far: ‘Human Flesh’ (Matapadre, 2015), ‘Lume’ (Matapadre, 2017), ‘Maleza’ (Century Media, 2021) and ‘Besta’ (PIAS, 2024). They have played in the big festivals of Spain and Portugal, but also in countries such as Japan, Australia, the US, Colombia or the UK, leaving their mark in places like the Stoned and Dusted (Mojave desert, California), or Rock al Parque in Bogotá (2018).